Home Automation Begins

Recently, my home compact fluorescent lamps have been dying. Other than the trouble of needing to recycle them properly, I’ve also taken to upgrading to LEDs. Despite using all of my Google Search-fu, the basic answer I came up with is that one needs to test the combinations themselves.

So, I’ve ordered three different sets of retrofit lights to work with my new GE ZWave switches. I’ll test them first with the incandescent dimmer from Leviton, then test again with the GE Dimmer.

The three are a Lithonia P series, a Phillips, and a Lithonia E series. Based on C|Net reviews, I was going to try a GE one too, but there are no good LED retrofits for them.

My (rough) testing method consists of a camera and shots of another incandescent on the same circuit as the LED lamps. I’m doing all of the shots at night, with the camera on a tripod in the same place.

I’ll post again with some photos when I’ve finished the shots.